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High School Choice

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

"One of the hardest decisions an eighth grader has to make is deciding which high school to attend.  Fears about going into a school where you don't know anyone all disappeared for me when I began at STEM.  The school presents the best possible environment for someone like me, with interests in robotics and technology.  I have found that the school offers many great activities that help to build leadership skills.  I am involved with National History Day, the Green Club, Student Council, and much more.  STEM is absolutely the best; I know I will be ready for college and a great career!"
- Zabair Uddin, STEM Senior

Scientific engineering, research and practical application of concepts are the realm of STEM students.  Knowing how to apply the scientific method, using mathematics to solve problems, working comfortably in laboratories and other technical environments, as well as building, fixing and manipulating the technologies of the future - all of these high-demand opportunities await the STEM scholar.  "Boot-up" your career by joining the STEM community and interface with your future!  Possible career destinations for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics graduates include Scientific Research, Aerospace Engineering, Teacher of Science/Technology, Aeronautical Engineering and Civil Engineering.




Thematic Area of Focus: Engineering Thematic Area of Focus: Technology
Elective 1: STEM Methods Elective 1: STEM Methods
Elective 2: Introduction to Engineering Elective 2: Introduction to Technology 
Elective 3: Principals of Engineering Elective 3: Bio Technology
Elective 4: 3-D Solid Modeling Elective 4: Engineering Technology
Thematic Area of Focus: Forensics Thematic Area of Focus: Environmental Science/Renewable & Alternative Energy
Elective 1: STEM Methods Elective 1: STEM Methods
Elective 2: Introduction to Forensics Elective 2: Introduction to Renewable Energy
Elective 3: Forensic Biology Elective 3: Green Methods
Elective 4: Forensic Chemistry Elective 4: Green Building Science


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