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Youth in Government Day
STEM Students attend Program Run by the Passaic County Government
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Members of the SGA

The following are the meeting dates and current members of the 2017-2018 SGA

The SGA meeting dates so far :

September 13

September 20

September 26

September 27
October 4

October 11

October 16


Future Meeting Dates:

Future meeting dates will be held each Wednesday throughout the school year.  For more information see Mr. Lindstrom.


The following students are members of the STEM Student Government Association (SGA):

1.      Amel Hassan   (Grade 12)—President

2.      Hasin  Chowdhury (Grade 12)—Vice President

3.      Coquette Cruz Grade 12)—Secretary

4.      Abed Miah  (Grade 12)

5.      Allison Rodriguez  (Grade 12)

6.      Leeka Gourzong  (Grade 12)

7.      Ishmam Chowdhury (Grade 12)

8.      Thamena Sultan  (Grade 12)

9.      Nihat Faiza (Grade 12)

10.  Monisha Hussain (Grade 12)

11.  Tahmeda Sultana (Grade 12)

12.  Juma Aktar  Grade 12)

13.  Farhana Akthar (Grade 12)


Advisor: Eric Lindstrom